Weight Loss Patches Reviewed

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Weight loss patches are a relatively new, but very popular weight loss aid. They all deliver herbal ingredients transdermally through the skin continuously and promise to do one thing; help to lose weight but which one is the most effective all round?

Slim Weight Patch


The Slim Weight patch’s main ingredient is Fucus Vesiculosus a type of brown seaweed but also referred to as Bladderwrack.It contains many powerful fat burning nutrients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Zinc Pyruvate and L-Carnitine. It improves the metabolism and thanks to one particularly potent ingredient; 5-HTP, it can help prevent the drop in serotonin levels that occurs when dieting that leads to snack cravings.

Hoodia Patch


The Hoodia patch’s active ingredient is Hoodia gordonii. This is commonly used to reduce appetite by its ingredient P57. The P57 works like glucose by interacting with the brain so it sends messages to body you are full but it is around 10,000 more active than glucose.

Pure Acai Berry Patch


Pure Acai Berry Patch uses 100% pure acai berry which has highly potent detoxifyingpower.  It promises to help lose weight and remove toxins and poisons from your body.Acai Patch with Green Tea


Acai Patch with Green Tea also contains similar ingredients to the ones found in the Pure Acai Berry Patch. They also have added fat burning green tea.As you can see most of these patches have similar natural ingredients so we have compared all four patches to see which one offer better value for money and give you the most benefits.

More detailed report


For one month’s supply of The Slim Weight Patch will set you back $36.06, (£23.24 GPB) that works out as $1.22 (£0.77 GPB) per patch.The Acai Patch with green tea is more pricey at $47.80 a month’s supply and $1.59 per patch only available In the USA.The Pure Acai berry Patch is even more expensive $72.90 (£46.57 GPB) and the price per patch works out as $2.15 USD (£1.55 GBP.)

Save money when buying Weight Loss Patch


save moneyThe Slim Weight Patch and Acai Patch with Green Tea  ship for free to the UK with all orders. Only The Slim Weight Patch offers free shipping to the US.Acai Patch with Green Tea offers a 30 money back guarantee, Pure Acai Berry Patch offer no guarantee whatsoever although website says all orders are risk-free and The Slim Weight Patch as the best of the bunch offers buyers a full 180 days money back guarantee.

Slim Weight Patch Reviewed


slim-weight-patch-boxesThis shows us that Slim Weight Patch offers the best benefits overall. It is the cheapest over all per patch with free shipping, to both the US and UK and boasts an impressive money back guarantee.

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